Keshvi Ayurvedic Intensive Hair Oil

Keshvi Ayurvedic Intensive Hair Oil

Most people, whether men or women, even children, deal with conditions such as a dry scalp, dry and brittle hair, and hair breakage far more than can be considered normal.

Ayurveda believes that such conditions, especially baldness, are genetic, and are triggered by various factors such as

  • anaemia
  • recurring fevers
  • lack of a proper diet and exercise
  • stress
  • an imbalance in the work and rest cycle, etcetera.

The human body is said to consist of three ‘doshas’ – Vata, Pitta and Kapha. These three doshas are biological energies in the body, which when functioning harmoniously lead to the physical and mental well-being of a person. However, even a slight imbalance in these doshas heralds change within the body, leading to various conditions and illnesses.

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Coming to hair fall, the factors mentioned above cause an imbalance in the ‘Vata’ and ‘Pitta’ of the body causing dryness within the body and hair. A blockage of the pores causes entrapment of heat inside the body, further aggravating this condition and leading to ‘Vidaha’, a condition wherein the hair roots get damaged due to the accumulation of trapped heat.

Hence, these four crucial issues

  • blockage of pores
  • trapped heat causing inflammation
  • undernourishment, and
  • stress relief

must be treated together for any hair fall solution to be effective.

Introducing Royal Indulgence Keshvi- India’s First Ayurvedic Hair Fall Solution For Body, Mind And Soul

Remember the questions you’d answered at the top? Well, if you’re still looking for answers to those, here are 10 quick benefits of using the Keshvi hair oil-

  1. Reduces hair fall
  2. Reduces hair breakage
  3. Reduces dandruff
  4. Improves hair growth
  5. Treats damaged hair
  6. Helps relieve stress and cools the body
  7. Provides nutrition to the hair and scalp
  8. Treats scalp dryness
  9. Treats infections of the scalp
  10. Improves blood circulation to the hair follicles

Royal Indulgence’s Keshvi is an Ayurvedic solution with a three-pronged approach to the hair fall problem. First, it reduces hair fall by reducing damage and hair breakage caused due to pollution and lack of a proper diet. Second, it treats the scalp for dryness and infections that cause damage. Third, it relieves stress caused by a hectic work schedule/multiple tasks around the home/tension caused due to exams, interviews, etcetera. Thus, making it perfect for-

  • the working professional who lives by targets and deadlines
  • the home maker who does countless odd jobs around the house, never to get a moment’s rest
  • for students preparing for exams

Royal Indulgence Keshvi For The Body, Mind And Soul

Three diverse problems, one powerful solution.

As a holistic system of medicine, Ayurveda believes that no remedy is complete without treating its root cause. Mere curative remedies for a condition or an illness, can only arrest them temporarily, not alleviate them forever. Also, solutions that focus solely on the body, tend to neglect the mind and spirit, which play an equal, if not greater role, in our physical and mental well-being.

Hair fall is not limited to strands falling from your head. It engages many deeper underlying issues such as stress, anxiety, feelings of low self-esteem, avoiding social contact, depression, etcetera. By targeting the four core issues underlying hair fall namely- blockage of pores, trapped heat causing inflammation, undernourishment and stress relief (as discussed earlier), the Royal Indulgence Keshvi Hair Oil provides holistic healing to the self.

  1. Body- Reduces damage and hair fall, and encourages volume thanks to the goodness of the 100% natural, 29 supra-active herbal ingredients it possesses. It also corrects the nutritional deficiency in the body that causes hair fall by supplementing nutritional intake. Note that the human body does not derive nutrition by diet alone, but the skin is capable of nutritional intake by absorption too.
  2. Mind- The 29 herbs present in this oil are widely acclaimed by Ayurveda for providing stress relief. When used correctly, the active ingredients present in these herbs penetrate deep inside the scalp and enhance blood circulation. The accumulated heat in the body leading to ‘Videha’ is brought down by allowing the trapped heat to be released, further cooling down the body and providing relief.
  3. Soul- Spiritual well-being is not an area that most modern day remedies touch upon. By treating the issues of the mind and body, the Ayurvedic Keshvi hair oil promotes feelings of contentment, increased self-esteem and overall well-being, the greatest gift you can ever give to yourself or a loved one.

How Is The Keshvi Hair Oil Different?

What sets Keshvi apart from the hundreds of other organic/Ayurvedic products that dominate the organic market is the ‘Siddha’ on which it is made and the concentrations in which the ingredients have been used.

Made with the purest of natural products that nature holds in her lap, each litre of Keshvi is processed as a decoction of 29 herbs in 1.75L of farm-fresh cow milk. These 29 herbs include-

  1. Triphala (73 grams each per litre)- For Hair

    ‘Triphala’ is an Ayurvedic formulation consisting of three medicinal fruits native to the Indian subcontinent, and whose efficacy has been vouched for through generations in the past 6000 years- Amalaki (Emblica officinalis), Bibhitaki (Terminalia belerica) and Haritaki (Terminalia chebula). This ‘triphala’ is the most efficacious hair oil found in nature’s lap and unlike other products, Keshvi contains nearly 73 gms of each Triphala component to give you the best result.

  2. Bala, Ashwagandha (4.5 grams each per litre)- For stress relief

    High concentration of herbs such as Bala, Ashwagandha and Eranda help correct the ‘Vata’ imbalance and calm the nerves, providing stress relief.

  3. Lotus, Vativer, Chandana (4.5 grams each per litre)- For Nourishment

    The Keshvi oil has a unique blend of three kinds of lotuses- not found in any other product, that along with Vativer and Chandana, are aromatic herbs that provide the much needed cooling, hydration and nourishment to the hair and body.

  4. Guduchi (4.5 grams per litre)- For the mind

    A rich concentration of the Ayurvedic herb ‘guduchi’ present in the Keshvi hair oil helps in rejuvenating the body and mind.

  5. Eladigana- To correct ‘kapha’ imbalance

    The Royal Indulgence Keshvi hair oil also boasts of the goodness of ‘Eladigana’, a combination of essential oils that help calm the mind and reduce anxiety, thereby correcting the kapha imbalance in the body.

    Taken together, these herbs have a strong effect on correcting the ‘Vata’, ‘Pitta’ and ‘Kapha’ imbalance in the body. They also have an intense anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial effect that releases the trapped heat within the body and treats dandruff, all along working on strengthening the hair and reducing hair loss.

    Thus, the goodness of all these properties combined together make Keshvi the perfect hair oil and stress-buster, suitable for men, women and children from all walks of life.

For Best Results The Oil Must Be Used As Prescribed By Ayurvedic Healers

According to Yoga, the human body consists of seven chakras through which the life force moves through the body. Situated at pivotal points of the body, one amongst these seven is the ‘sahasrara’ chakra, found located on the head. This is the soft part of the skull that is found in babies, and is referred to as the ‘madhma sthana’ as life resides here. Interestingly, and with reference to the discussion on heat within the body, 80% of the internal heat in human beings too is located within this chakra. Thus, to reduce stress, promote circulation and release trapped heat, this is the chakra that must be stimulated.

To do this with the Keshvi oil and get visible results-

  1. Take a good quantity of the oil in your palm and pour it on the ‘madhma sthana’.
  2. Use your palm to pat the oil into the scalp 8-10 times.
  3. Gently stimulate the area with your fingers for a minute. Once done, massage the oil all over the scalp.
  4. Wash the oil off within an hour.


  1. Do not leave the oil on overnight, as it would increase the heat in the body instead of releasing it.
  2. Avoid heating the oil. If you prefer using warm oil, heat a bowl separately, and pour the oil into it after. Alternately, one could even try using a double condenser (take a bigger bowl half-filled with water and heat it over the stove. Take the oil in a smaller bowl and allow the bowl containing the oil to float on the water).
  3. Seek medical help if you suffer from conditions like PCOD.

Use the oil thrice a week for the first two months, and twice a week thereafter.

No, We Aren’t Asking You To Take Our Word On This- Read Our Reviews To Find Out For Yourself!

Goodbye breakage!

“Keshvi changed my life. My hair was extremely damaged and brittle causing it to break. I was not able to grow my hair out because of this which made me very upset as I’m getting married this December. Thanks to my BFF who suggested this oil, I have seen massive improvement. God bless you guys!”

- Pradeep*

No more headaches!

“As a thirty something working professional, stress is a regular companion whether at home or work. I was having regular headaches that made it difficult to do anything but lie down. As someone who received the first sample batch of Keshvi, I can assure you that this is a fanastic product. It helped with the headaches and cooled my body. I loved it so much that I placed an order the moment they started selling it!”

- Sahil*

Goodbye breakage!

“Keshvi changed my life. My hair was extremely damaged and brittle causing it to break. I was not able to grow my hair out because of this which made me very upset as I’m getting married this December. Thanks to my BFF who suggested this oil, I have seen massive improvement. God bless you guys!”

- Keerthi Iyengar*

Helped treat dandruff

"I have oily skin and hair due to which I have a recurring dandruff problem. Tried Keshvi on trial basis after reading about their product. So far it has worked for me."

- Ritika Dash*


*Disclaimer - The views expressed above are individual opinion. Please note that the results may vary from person to person.


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