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Hey Guys, Secret Ayurvedic Formula for Everlasting Youthful Skin Revealed!

This Is For Men Like You & Me Who Are Silently Fighting Atleast One Persistent Skin Problem, Since Forever!

Wanna bet? Show me someone who isn’t dealing with an active skin problem like acne, acne scars, blemishes,pigmentation, age spots, dull dry skin, clogged oily skin, large pores, whiteheads, blackheads or dark circles…(phew!) on a daily basis. Even you might be struggling with at least one of these right now. And in the pursuit of perfect skin you might’ve tried everything.

  • - Expensive cosmetics from great brands with great advertising but crappy results!
  • - Your safe kitchen remedies that never show consistent change.
  • - Alternative treatments that worked for a friend but didn’t budge your problem even a bit.

Let’s say you do take decent care of your skin, drink enough water, eat healthy, and use the best products for skin care, why does your skin lack the glowing lustre or natural blush that you crave for? The answer is simple but unknown to many.

No Skin Repair Solution Can Help You If you Don’t Address The Root Cause

I was constantly exposed to pollution, dust and smoke travelling back and forth to work everyday. Due to my work hours, my sleep was often disturbed and insufficient. This even affected what I ate and meal timings, so you can imagine the wreckage this lifestyle caused on my skin.

I don’t know if there was even a day that went by without fighting either a breakout or trying to conceal pigmentation or just trying to get my skin to look healthy.

This really brought me down. I began to stress over my skin problems, obsessively research for solutions and used a ton of products trying to fight every little blemish that cropped up on face face, but all in vain. Above all, I became extremely sensitive to what was being said about my face. To avoid the embarrassment, I began to isolate myself, wasn’t enthusiastic to meet new people and in the off chance that I did, I would mostly keep to myself or just be extremely awkward.

But of course, all of this changed in one miraculous move, when I read about the Lodhradi Detoxifying Mask. I’m so excited to share this with you because this miracle product actually, REALLY made a difference in my life.

Royal Indulgence Lodhradi Detoxifying Mask - The Solution Your Skin Needs

The Royal Indulgence Lodhradi Skin Repair Treatment is a highly potent, herb-infused formula based on the sacred knowledge from Ayurvedic scriptures for guaranteed detoxifying, damage repair, and a sustained youthful glow.

You can be assured that on regular usage your skin will remain glowing, youthful and full of life, just like you! What exactly are you in for?

Skin Damage Reversal- Brand New Skin In 15 Uses!

This ancient detoxifying treatment packed with herbal benefits fights free radical damage with its antioxidant rich ingredients. This won’t just reverse damage making you look 10 years younger but also gives you brand new, supple, baby skin that will remain unaffected by pollution, exposure to dust, and hormone fluctuations!

Fewer Passes Per Section: It requires less number of passes to straighten each section reducing the straightening time per section.

Instant Radiance Right From Your First Use!

A unique combination based in Visha Chikitsa Toxicology acts as a counteractive solution to the toxin build-up in your skin and oxidizes free radicals to give you a flushed radiance IMMEDIATELY, the first time you use it.

Three Potent Herbs Undo Damage in Just 30 Days!

A double-duty detoxifying and exfoliating formula harnesses the healing, purifying, and brightening powers of highly potent herbs Lodhra, Dhanyaka, and Vacha to give you a flurry of benefits as listed below:

  • - Boosts collagen and ‘lifts’ skin
  • - Reduces appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • - Reduces appearance of pigmentation
  • - Reduces appearance of acne scars
  • - Reduces acne and recurrence of acne
  • - Reduces darkness and uneven complexion
  • - High on Vitamin C content, which has skin lightening and brightening properties
  • - Cleanses clogged pores and invigorates complexion
  • - Improves blood circulation and increases oxygen to skin cells
  • - Heals irritation due to environmental pollutants
  • - Heals inflammation and swelling, reduces appearance of tiny bumps on forehead and skin.

Burn Your Troubles Away!

We call it the beauty burn.The first time you use the pack you will notice a mild to moderate burning sensation on your skin while the herbs deep cleanse clogged pores and remove impurities. Do not be alarmed by this! It is a regular and completely natural reaction to the intense detoxifying action that this Ayurvedic formula causes. It is also responsible for invigorating lackluster skin, and giving it instant radiance. This burning sensation will reduce and stop after your first few uses.

So Safe Even A Baby’s Skin Can Handle It!

It is formulated through a secret composition of the three herbs Lodhra, Dhanyaka and Vacha which is privileged information among traditional Ayurvedic practitioners of the Kerala Ashta Vaidyan lineage. It took 33 alterations over a period of 10 years to finally achieve a perfect formulation that is safe for even the most sensitive skin types

The herbs are combined using a unique blending technique in a controlled environment to ensure best quality and efficacy that is unparalleled across the cosmetics industry. This product is cruelty- free and 100% vegan.

Don’t Take My Word For It- 2265 Men Have Already Tried And Loved Lodhradi!

This facepack was around long before its first batch was introduced to the market. Over 15 years, 2265 patients of Dr. Manjusha, the creator of this Ayurvedic formula, have tried this pack to get absolutely marvelous results. Here are some of our favorite client storie

"Very good for dark patches on cheeks. My complexion has improved a lot since usage."

Prajwal Kumar

"I had severe dark spots due to many pimples. It reduced the spots and I rarely get pimples now."

Rajesh B.

"I used to have a dark greyish tinge after clean shave, after using this, my skin cleared a lot."

Pranav Yellapragada


Stop! Don’t Buy It Yet.

You know this. There are other alternatives and it’s only right to remind of your options before you go ahead.

1. Chemical Peels- Statistics show that chemical peels have been successful in getting rid of many skin issues. Statistics also show that there have been higher cases of relapse (your problem comes back) and reported side effects that are much harder to treat. So this is going to be very expensive. A recurring expense, if you may.

2. You could also continue with the creams you’ve been using already, or kitchen remedies over and over again. But they never worked for me, guessing the same for you. We’ve already been through that.

Royal Indulgence Lodhradi,on the other hand, is a guaranteed solution that you wouldn’t mind getting a lifetime supply of once you see its results. But I’m not done yet.

I’ll make this a whole lot easier for you.

This Is Going To Be Expensive For Me But I’m Willing To Take The Risk, I’m Giving You...

Free Shipping To Any Location In India - Your order will be shipped to you for free, no matter where you are.

Buy Two- Get One Free - This will last you for 3 months, long enough to see a drastic change in your skin. You get three packs but only pay for two!

Buy Three Get Two Free- A 5 month supply, to maintain your results, or for those of you who need more time to heal. You get 5 packs but only pay for three!

Too good to be true? Won’t blame you for being skeptical after all you’ve been through with cosmetics that claim high but fall embarrassingly short. However, what you’re about to read will nail my claim in place.


100% Risk-Free Purchase – 30 Days No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee

This product is so truly effective and amazing, it comes with an equally amazing guarantee.

Go ahead and order the pack

Meticulously apply it every alternate day for 30 Days (15 uses)

If you’re unhappy with the results mail or call us at (support@royalindulgence.in & 040-39561410) to claim your money back.

It's that simple. At the end of 30 days, if you use the pack as directed and still don’t see results, let us know and we'll wire the money back to you- NO QUESTIONS ASKED.

Note: This only applies if you’ve used the pack every alternate day for 30 days (15 uses), do that meticulously, now we have no way of knowing that for sure, but we are willing to take your word for it. So follow the instructions right to see the miraculous results this product can offer!If you’re still skeptical about this, call us right now at 040-39561410 (I mean right now, while you’re reading this) to clarify this and be sure of the guarantee before you make your purchase.

Before I Tell You How Much You’ll Pay For This,
Let’s Recap What You’re In For

  • Skin damage reversal- clear, even toned skin and a flawless complexion in 30 days
  • Instant radiance from deep cleansing and detoxifying from the very first use!
  • A herbal formula that shows visible change within the first 15 uses!
  • Antioxidant treatment that burns away impurities to make skin visibly fairer and healthier
  • No Side Effects for even the most sensitive skin!

All this..AND,

  • Free Shipping to Any Location In India!
  • Buy Two Get One Free!
  • Buy Three Get Two Free!

Get This One Multitasker, All Natural Detoxifying Solution For Beautiful Skin That Lasts Forever!But There’s a Catch….

Lodhradi was never meant to be manufactured on a large scale only because, as I already mentioned, this is privileged information. We are trying to control the production at our end only to avoid cheap quality duplicates of the recipe that may have extreme side effects if not formulated with the utmost care. There are only 500 units of this product exclusively available for Stylecraze visitors no later than the date mentioned below. Needless to say, you’ve got to hurry up and get yours before the offer expires.

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Certified by Ministry of Ayush India

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Get Royal Indulgence Lodhradi Now and Get On The Journey To Achieving The Flawless Skin You Desire..

I appreciate you taking the time to read about my struggle with my skin and hope you’ll learn from my mistakes. And I’m also hoping you’ll take the first step towards getting the clear and beautiful skin you desire and rightfully deserve, by trying Lodhradi.

Can’t wait to hear from you and your wonderful experience with this miracle of a product.

All the best,


P.S: This may be the most honest and effective skin repair treatment ever developed. It is not a drug. It is not a gimmick. It is a formula that we were only able to develop after years of research .If you or any member of your family or friend is struggling with consistent skin problems that never cease, I would like for you to go ahead and order a supply of the Lodhradi skin repair face pack and experience what the amazing science of Ayurveda can do for your skin.

But you’ve got to hurry up... We only have 500 available units of this formula which are running out by the minute. Get yours now or risk missing out entirely.